Let me first start by saying I am grateful to have learned about this platform. I have been able to do the things I was not able to do as a single mom with 5 kids! I began working from home in January of 2017.My family and I relocated from our previous state and moved South. I had decided at this point to Join the network and begin to Fully work from home. This was probably the best move I could have made in regards to working a job. In the past I had always kept a job but needed to have my kids attend daycare. This was challenging for me because I needed to rely on my kids grandpa to pick them up  when the nurse called due to a sickness or children home sick from school. I quickly needed to find a different way.  So I looked into working from home.

So I went all in and signed up for 2 clients and attended morning and night class. I completed my customer support for tax preparation class in 2 weeks and cable company in 6 weeks. Passed Certification and was ready to service. I quickly made back my certification fee that first week. I was in profit once I received my first check. I knew this was the break I needed. My family moved into our 3 bed house and I was able to pay rent and utilities, attend all my kids meetings, go to school functions  and put my kids in sports. I am grateful for this opportunity and eager to help others begin their journey. I encourage you to sign up today and become a virtual call center rep.

Latisha Youngblood

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Latisha Youngblood

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"More than Work, More than a Job, it's the ability to be free"

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