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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before beginning the enrollment process. I strive to have a great relationship with each and everyone of my Client Support Professionals (CSPs).

Everything you need to know is mentioned below. Take a few moments and read through the "Things You Need to Know" Section before applying to become a member of Comfort Work.

You will need to Apply and Fill out the agent application 

*** You will be paid twice a month via Direct Deposit
*** Pay ranges between $9 up to $17 per hour depending on client
*** You choose which client to service
*** You will attend a certification class before you can service
(Most classes you can start earning half way through class)
***  Earn Company Bonuses and Incentives - 

Earning Disclaimer and Company Policy: We offer business services to Freelancers
to provide call center services to clients. Some clients may require the need for additional
equipment which will need to be purchased in order to properly service said client.
Earning potential may vary.

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